13th Annual India Chemical Industry Outlook Conference on 13 - 14 February 2020

The global mega trends today are Environment Sustainability and Climate Change. The chemical industry today is impacted by these mega trends as never before. Added to this is the current topical issue of trade flow restrictions/ trade wars.

This year's conference theme is "Vision 2025 - How do we leverage the Discontinuity / Disruption / Uncertainty in the Industry?".

The chemical industry is facing multiple challenges across the world. This conference attempts to bring in the latest insights / trends in the chemical industry and experts views on how these challenges are being addressed. Recent chemical industry trends - such as digital future of our industry, global merger and acquisitions, and the focus on downstream speciality chemicals - are important areas covered in the conference.

The chemical industry is capital intensive and highly asset based. This fundamental strength will sustain the industry at commodity chemical levels with efficiency plays with Industry 4.0.

However economies of scale, capturing value chain stronger market reach may not sustain future growth models.

The new ecosystem could compel chemical industry to move closer to the customer and collaboration and convergence could become the new mantra of growth. You will hear from experts on the new thoughts and new growth models that chemical industry need to embrace.

The conference will also cover trade flows of chemicals and how the chemical industry would be impacted. This edition of the conference brings to fore all these aspects and many more.

This conference will endeavour to be the best platform for industry interaction on the latest in the world of chemical industry and would offer excellent opportunity for networking with experts of the field.