CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN is an invaluable document to be procured by the exporter in respect of goods exported from India. This certificate indicates that the goods, which are being exported, are actually manufactured in a specific country mentioned therein. When imports from certain countries are favorably treated in the matter of levy of import duties, the Customs Authorities of concerned country insist on some proof of the fact that the goods are genuine products of such countries. For this, a certificate of origin is sent to the importer by the exporter. As the very name indicates, it is a certificate indicating the fact that the goods, which are being exported, have originated / manufactured in a particular country. It is a sort of declaration testifying the origin of exports. It is mainly useful for taking advantage of a preferential duty, if available. It also ensures that banned articles do not go to the importing country. Finally, the certificate of origin ensures that the goods have not been re-shipped by the exporter after importing from some other country.


  1. Certificate of Origin (Non Preferential): All countries for clearance of goods generally require these certificates by the importers. Trade associations/Councils and chambers of commerce generally issue them. The exporter gives details in the prescribed form, submits a copy of the commercial invoice and pays the fees prescribed by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India. Such certificate may be required if certain categories of goods are banned from certain countries. (ICC is authorized to issue this type of Certificate of Origin only).
  1. Certificates for availing concessions under GSP: These certificates are required for availing concessions available under Generalised System of Preferences (GSP). Such certificates are to be obtained in triplicate. In India, only certain agencies such as Export Inspection Council, Central Silk Board, Jute Commissioner, etc. are authorised to issue certificate under GSP.
  1. Certificate for availing concessions under Commonwealth Preferences (CWP): The prescribed form of such Certificate of Origin is available with the organization mentioned above. These organizations and their regional offices have been authorised by the Govt. of India to issued Certificate of Origin required in respect of exports to the preference giving countries under CWP.

Uses of CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN (mainly to the Importer):

  1. An importer gets quick delivery of goods from the customs authorities.
  2. An importer can claim special concession as regards payment of tariff, if available.
  3. An importer gets adequate proof about the origin of goods imported

In our country, the Chambers of Commerce, Export Promotion Councils and various Trade Associations/Councils, which have been authorized by the Government, to issue the Certificate of Origin.INDIAN CHEMICAL COUNCIL, which is the apex national body representing all Sectors of the Chemical Industry in India, is also authorized by the Government to issue CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN (Non-Preferential) to exporters. ICC has dedicated staff for discharging this service on top priority within minimum time, across the table.

Indian Chemical Council (ICC) issues Certificates of Origin through its officesat MUMBAI, VASHI (Navi Mumbai), NEW DELHI, KOLKATA and CHENNAI.

Apart from Certificate of Origin, ICC is also authorized to do attestation of export related documents like Exporter's Invoices (Commercial Invoices) Packing Lists, Agency Agreements and Health Certificates. For availing the Certificate of Origin (Non Preferential) from Indian Chemical Council, it is mandatory that, every exporter has to register their Company/Firm with Indian Chemical Council by submitting an Indemnity Bond,

Exporters those who are not members of ICC also can avail this service from ICC by submitting the necessary Indemnity Bond and KYC Form.

Non- Members registering for Certificate of Origin (C.O) services will be charged a onetime enrolment fee of Rs.500/- (Rs. Five Hundred only) in cash, payable at the counter.

Registration Procedure:

  1. Permanent Registration: Exporters are required to submit INDEMNITY BOND on Rs.200/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper issued by the Government of India. A Specimen of Indemnity Bond i.e. Exhibit -2 is available with department in-charge. After submitting this Indemnity Bond ICC will register their Company and issue Permanent ICC Code No., which should be used in future for transaction with ICC. Company/Firm, who is not a Member of ICC has to pay a one-time Registration Fee of Rs. 500/- along with the Indemnity Bond.
  2. After Registration of the company, Exporters will have to collect stationery of Certificate of Origin and submit it along with the Commercial Invoice, Packing list and Shipment proof i.e. Bill of Lading / Airway Bill / Lorry Receipt etc. for ICC's record


Rates for Issue of
W.E.F. 10 DECEMBER 2021
Description ICC Members
(Annual subscriber & Indemnity Bond holder)
Incl 18% GST
OTHERS (Only Registered, i.e.
Indemnity Bond holder)
Incl 18% GST
Certificate of Origin (C.O.)
(per set of upto 5 Copies +
1 Copy for ICC record)
Rs.200 Rs.200
Exporter's Invoices
(per set of upto 5+1 Copies)
Rs.100 Rs.150
Packing List
(per set of up to 5+1 copies)
Rs.100 Rs.150
Additional copies of Certificate of Origin, Invoice/Packing List etc.
(per Set of up to 5+1copies)
Rs.100 Rs.100
Any other Declaration Rs.100 Rs.120
Corrections / Amendments Rs. 60 Rs. 60
Supply of C.O. Pad of 50 sets Rs.400 Rs.400
Supply of 10 sets of C.O. Rs.100 Rs.100
Visa Recommendation Letter Rs.200 Not Applicable
Agency Agreement / Attestation Charges Rs.200 Not Applicable
10.00  a.m. to 1.15 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.



National Headquarters Sir Vithaldas Chambers, 6th Floor
16 Mumbai Samachar Marg
MUMBAI - 400 001
Tel: 91-22-61144000; 22048043
Email: iccmumbai@iccmail.in ; bkk@iccmail.in
Eastern Regional Office S. P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 026
Mob: 9830535474
Email: iccero@iccmail.in
Northern Regional Office 206 AnsalBhavanm, 16 Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
Connaught Place, NEW DELHI – 110 001
Email: iccnro@iccmail.in
Southern Regional Office SPIC House, 5th Floor, 88 Anna Salai, Guindy, CHENNAI – 600032
Mob. 8056047166
Email: iccsro@iccmail.in


to be given on Rs. 200/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper issued by the Government of India

Secretary General
Sir Vithaldas Chambers
16 Mumbai Samachar Marg
MUMBAI - 400 001

Dear Sir,

In consideration of the INDIAN CHEMICAL COUNCIL, Mumbai, from time to time, giving or Authenticating Certificate of Origin, legalising invoices and other documents in respects of goods for exportation by

(Please type here Name & Address of Exporting Company)

We HEREBY ENGAGE that all particulars contained in Invoices or other documents presented to the Council by us in our name for their certification or authentication or legalization shall be true and accurately set forth, and further that we shall, at all times, INDEMNIFY and keep indemnified the COUNCIL and its officials against all claims and demands that may, at any time, be made against them or any of them by reason of issuing or authentication or legalisation of such certificates, invoices and other documents as aforesaid.

Yours faithfully,

Name of Signatory:
Desgination of Signatory:

Rubber Stamp of the Company

Dated : ______

Witness : 1. Name : Signature : _____________________
  2. Name :  Signature : _____________________


One Xerox of the Typed Stamp Paper for acknowledgement.
Please take note: Stamp Paper need not to be Notorised


  1. Name of Company:
  2. Certificate of Incorporation / Registration (Attested Copy)
  3. I. E. Certificate (Attested Copy):
  4. Company Address:
  5. Telephone No & Email ID:
  6. PAN Card of Company (Attested Copy):
  7. Name & Designation of Authorised Signatory & PAN Card Copy
  8. Address Proof of Authorised Signatory (Optional)
  9. Mobile No. of Authorised Signatory:
  10. Nature of Business:
    1. Merchant Exporter:
    2. Manufacturing Exporter