Indian Phosgene Council (IPC)

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Indian Phosgene Council was formed in August, 2014, during 3rd International Phosgene Conference organised at Vadodara, Gujarat

In order to maintain the consistency between Indian manufacturers of Phosgene and international phosgene-producing and using companies the Indian Phosgene Council (IPC) was formed to discuss various key issues related to Phosgene safety and knowledge sharing amongst the members, who are manufacturers / consumers of Phosgene. Indian Chemical Council playing the role of a catalyst and streamline the whole of the activities. 

IPC was established with following vision, mission and objectives.


  • To foster and develop the highest-level of safety and sustainable production in use of Phosgene, di- and tri-phosgene in India, while taking full care of health, safety, environment, and surrounding communities.
  • Safeguard and development of India's Phosgene-based products and technologies by applying highest technical and operational safety practices.
  • Integrating  manufacturers and users of Phosgene in India including di- and tri-phosgene industry globally.


  • The Indian Phosgene Council (IPC), organized under ICC, supports the phosgene industry in India through continuous evaluation of and improvements to safety, to the protection of human health and to the environment on issues related to the production, processing, handling and use of phosgene, di- and tri-phosgene.
  • Indian Phosgene Council works with government agencies to encourage the use of sound science and technology in developing meaningful regulations impacting the industry.
  • Indian Phosgene Council is a composition of companies manufacturing, processing, handling or using phosgene, di- and tri-phosgene in India for the production and use of intermediates for polymers, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and other specialty chemicals. IPC member companies account for more than 95 % of India's production and captive use of Phosgene, di- and tri-phosgene.


  • Public recognition of Phosgene council members as responsible stewards of phosgene, di- and tri-phosgene as well as phosgene-based products and technologies.
  • Supporting activities to promote continuous improvement by Phosgene users in the areas of safety, health and environmental protection, including sharing best-practices for HSE and emergency response/community awareness.
  • Promoting production processes to directly and jointly produce and consume phosgene in process-own phosgenation and promoting safe and sustainable di- and tri-phosgene use and logistics.
  • Regulatory authorities/governmental institutes to define regulations of Phosgene, di- and tri-phosgene based on sound science.
  • Continuing to improve the understanding of the adverse health effects of Phosgene. Fostering and promoting of an immediate emergency medical response and a following possibly potential lung edema treatment after an accidental or unintended inhalation of Phosgene.

The stakeholders on the phosgene in India are the members of IPC;

  • GNFC Ltd.
  • Atul Ltd.
  • Paushak Ltd.
  • UPL Ltd.
  • Covestro (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Huntsman International (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • BASF
  • ICC Gujarat representative

Phosgene being one of key ingredient to manufacture Toluene Di-phosgene (TDI) has its significant importance. All the manufacturers of Phosgene are situated in Gujarat state alone, also the 'Chemical Hub' of India. Phosgene is extremely poisonous by inhalation, highly toxic and hazardous substance, extensively used as an important precursor for manufacture of a wide range of chemicals, as polymers (polyurethanes and polycarbonates) pesticides, pharmaceuticals intermediates. Phosgene is used in the form of Tri-isocyanates and Di-isocyanates for manufacturing rigid foam, modular furniture and cushions etc. for varied applications by the polyurethane industry. Phosgene is also known as dichloride of carbonic acid, a versatile, industrial intermediate with growing importance. It is used as a highly pure chemical for the safe production of high-performance materials such as polyurethanes and for development of highly-innovative active ingredients in life-science products. Phosgene is also a listed 'Schedule' chemical under Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

International Phosgene Conference

It is an annual event being organised by ICC-Gujarat since 2012 with the support of International Isocyanate Institute (III) USA.

It was decided to create a platform, where stakeholders of Phosgene, Di, Tri-Isocyanate can meet and deliberate the issues pertaining to safety, security and various topics of emergency preparedness, learn and exchange emergency response measures / medical response on tested phosgene industry practices. That's how the FIRST International Phosgene Safety Conference was organised on 29th August, 2012 at Vadodara,in the presence of global senior experts from international companies globally producing and using phosgene-based technologies, processes and products.

Enthusiastic participation by the delegates from Indian stakeholders and topics discussed were greatly appreciated. Members from National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and National Disaster Response Force were also invited at the conference.

Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilisers, Government of India, Department of Industries & Mines, Government of Gujarat have been extending all-round support for the success of these events.

Aim of the Conference

The objective of "International Phosgene Safety Conference" in India is to make stakeholders aware of the latest measures on Phosgene Safety being adopted and practiced in manufacturing processes, laboratories and R & D Centres. The rich experience of international experts from pertinent industry, The interaction of international groups and associations with Indian industry representatives handling phosgene, di-phosgene, tri-phosgene and isocyanates will set the tone for phosgene safety dialogue between global industry experts and Indian stakeholders. The meaningful interaction during daylong conference results into proven safety solutions and lessons learned from incidents or mistakes. It also becomes an excellent opportunity for regulatory agencies and experts in the emergency preparedness to learn and exchange the emergency response measures / medical emergency response on tested phosgene industry practices globally.

The 8th edition of International Phosgene Conference has been successfully organized in the presence of invited experts from Germany, USA and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 29th August 2019 at Vadodara. Mr. Ajay Durrani, MD, Covestro – India was the Chief Guest and Mr. Ravi Kapoor, Chairman ICC - Gujarat welcomed the guest and delegates.

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