Advertise With Us

Advertise your products and also educate the buyer on special features.

Both vertical and horizontal banners, in accordance with the Internet Advertising Bureau standards.

Vertical : 134 x 240 pixels
(banner must be 134 pixels wide & should not exceed 240 pixels in height)

: 468 x 60 pixels
(banner must be 468 pixels wide & should not exceed 60 pixels in height)

Thus, advertise on tell the right type of buyer, the right type of information, on the right type of product.


1. Banner Ads

Size Cost per month
Homepage Tower Banner
(134x240 pixels)
Rs. 5,000/-
Horizontal Banner
(468x60 pixels)
Rs. 4,000/-
Inner Pages
(Entire Site)
Tower Banner
(134x240 pixels)
Rs. 20,000/-
Inner Pages
(Single Section)
Tower Banner
(134x240 pixels)
Rs. 4,000/-

2. Member in Focus

On Home Page:
Logo with custom write-up about the company and rotating photo in homepage animation.

Inner Pages (All Pages)
Logo with custom write-up about the company

[In case, the company desires to display the advertisement for a period of 3 months, 15% discount will be granted and in case of 6 months, 25% discount will be granted].

per month