Responsible Care Awards


  • ICC Aditya Birla Award for Best Responsible Care Committed Company
  • ICC CERTIFICATE of MERIT for Best Compliant Company for the Codes under RESPONSIBLE CARE

Eligibility for RC Aditya Birla Award Awards:

  • Any ICC Member manufacturing chemicals and or involved in the Distribution Business of Chemicals and having warehousing facility in India;
  • Company has committed to Responsible Care ® Initiatives and is having valid permission to use the Responsible Care ® Logo by ICC, for the year of the contest.
  • Members who are winners of this award in any of the last three consecutive years that is from 2017, 2018, and 2019 are not eligible to participate in the contest. The award is for the member company and not for any particular site or facility.

ICC Aditya Birla Award for Best Responsible Care Committed Company, Last 3 years Award winning companies:

Sr. No. Year Name of Company
1 2019 Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd
2 2018 BASF India Ltd, Navi Mumbai
3 2017 SI Group-India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai