Organization Profile

INDIAN CHEMICAL COUNCIL (ICC) the apex national body representing all branches of the Chemical Industry in India such as Organic & Inorganic Chemicals, Plastics & Petrochemicals & Petroleum Refineries, Dyestuffs & Dye-intermediates, Fertilizers & Pesticides, Specialty Chemicals, Paints etc.

The Indian Chemical Council is dedicated to the growth of the Indian Chemical Industry. Established in 1938, ICC has over the years grown its functions and offerings to cater to the varying needs of the Indian Chemical Industry.

The ICC was formed to broadly serve the following objectives:

  • To anticipate and respond to government policy
  • To provide better service to members in effective dissemination of information, safety, health and environment issues and monitoring the national and international chemical industry scenario
  • To extend and maintain international liaison
  • To promote chemicals exports vigorously. To work towards effective representation of all sectors of the chemical industry
  • To help ensure availability of trained manpower, and To foster R&D culture, quality standards and technology absorption
  • To promote and maintain good relations between members of the Association and the Government authorities, other segments of the economy and the public and improve the image of the industry
  • To encourage work studies, research, investigations & experiments with the aim of improving the manufacture of chemical products, cost reduction & enhanced productivity
  • To organize trade delegations to foreign countries, disseminate trade & commercial information about various countries amongst its members and generally facilitate trade & exchange of know-how in chemicals & petrochemicals
  • To promote energy conservation measures in the industry
  • To promote Responsible Care initiative under the structured approach to self-regulations

The ICC is well represented by senior executives from a wide range of global and local chemical companies. The executive committee of the ICC includes veterans of the chemical industry with vast experience and keen insight into the workings of the chemical industry in India. Their guidance and vision steers ICC to further growth and service.

Activities of ICC include organizing various seminars and events for dissemination of information, safety, health and environment issues relating to the Indian chemical industry.

The ICC Annual Awards given under various categories are prized by the industry and recognize outstanding achievement by the company or persons among their peers in the industry.

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, has authorised all ICC offices (Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai) to issue the CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, which is an invaluable document, for the exporters. This is another important milestone achieved by the Association in its service history. This service can be availed by both Members and Non-member exporters in the country.

ICC also has two initiatives - Responsible Care and Nicer Globe.