The Government of Maharashtra has authorized Indian Chemical Council (ICC) to conduct the training programs for Drivers on SAFE TRANSPORTATION OF HAZARDOUS GOODS. This authorization has been issued in pursuance of Rule 9 (3) of Central Motor Vehicle Act 1989.

Accordingly, ICC organized a Three-day Drivers Training programme on 6, 7 & 8 of April 2011 at the premises of BASF India Limited, Turbhe Complex, Navi Mumbai. The programme was organized in collaboration with TRIUM Consultants - Institute of Logistics Management. 21 Drivers from 10 transport companies attended the programme.

6 April 2011: The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Hongi Choi, Sr. General Manager, BASF India Limited, Thane Works. In his inaugural speech, Mr. Choi complimented ICC for this initiative. He observed that Chemical Business in India is growing but there are infrastructure related issues and also a number of bottlenecks in transportation of hazardous cargo and therefore this training program have been arranged very timely.

After the inaugural session, Mr. P. N. Helekar and his team from TRIUM Consultants & Institute of Logisitics Management conducted the Sessions on Defensive Driving covering various topics such as Causes of accidents, Accident Statistics, Drivers' personal fitness, Conditions of the vehicle, Breaking distance, Highway driving, Road / Pedestrian crossing, Railway crossing, Adapting to whether conditions, Head-on collisions, Rear-end collisions, Night driving, etc. The session was followed by film show and interaction with the driver-delegates.

In the Post Lunch Session, Dr. (Mrs.) Kanan Yadav, Medical Practioner, working with BASF informed the delegates about the various First Aid Techniques, which included restoring breathing in case of heart attacks, attending to cuts & wounds, etc and precautions to be taken on long journeys and also the essential material to be stored in the First Aid Kit.

Mr. Sanjay Raut, Dy. Regional Transport Officer, Navi Mumbai addressing the delegates.

Seated to his right are: Mr. Allwyn Crasto and Dr. Suresh Nadgouda of BASF and to his left is Mr. R. R. Gokhale.

7 April 2011: During Pre-Lunch Session, presentation was made on advanced driving skills, including sessions on:
Before starting - check list, outside / below / near vehicle, product side, Inside vehicle,
During Driving - correct speed, signaling, lane control, overtaking / giving side, speed limit / site distance, driving on slope,
Before stopping - Safe stopping place, signaling, road width, condition,
After stopping - Preventing vehicle movement, Wheel chocks, Vehicle attendance,
Night driving.

Dr.Suresh Nadgouda, BASF, also shared his experience and cautioned drivers on safety measures to be adopted during transportation of hazardous goods.

The day's session was concluded with a live demonstration of Fire Fighting techniques highlighting Do's and Don'ts organized by Mr. Ajgaonkar of BASF in one of their plants.

A section of the driver-delegtes at the training program.

8 April 2011: During the Pre-Lunch Session, Mr. Sachin Joshi, Safety Manager, BASF India Limited demonstrated various personal protective equipments and explained their importance and urged the drivers to carry them in their vehicles while transporting hazardous goods. He also also made a presentation on Spillage Prevention and Control; Emergency response,etc. He shared number of case studies with the delegates, which were very informative. He also highlighted the importance of UN Panel under which the UN Classification Numbers allotted to various groups of Hazardous chemicals, the Hazchem Code numbers etc.

Mr. Allwyn Crasto, Sub Regional Advisor - Transportation & Distribution Safety of BASF, also shared his experience regarding products manufactured by BASF and the safety related information given to BASF drivers and contractors during material transfer operations. Mr. Crasto also demonstrated the various TREMCARDS (Transport Emergency Cards) prepared for BASF products which their drivers carry during transportation of each and every chemical.

Capt. Dinesh Desai briefly explained the working of Disaster Control Centre which is in operation at BASF site and advised delegates to contact the Centre in case of any Emergency.

In the Afternoon Session, Mr. Sanjay Raut, Dy. Regional Transport Officer, Regional Transport Office, Navi Mumbai attended the programme. He complimented ICC for the initiative and assured full cooperation of his department for the forthcoming programmes also. He also endorsed the CERTIFICATES to be presented to the Drivers. He advised the delegates to be cautious while transporting hazardous cargo and said that whatever assistance they require from RTO office and the same will be provided. He also visited Disaster Control Centre. Dr.Suresh Nadgouda and Capt. Desai briefed Mr. Raut on the functioning of Disaster Control Centre and online demonstration was given on the tracking of tankers that are carrying BASF goods.

During the 3-day sessions, various films on Safe Driving, Driving in different seasons, Maintenance of Tankers, Breaking system, Hazards of using mobile phones during driving were shown.

Mr. Rajendra Vaidya, Chief Executive-Manufacturing, BASF India Limited addressing delegates on the concluding day of the training program. Seated to his right is Mr. Hongi Choi, Sr. General Manager, BASF India Limited, Thane Works, who inaugurated the training program on the 1st day and to his left is Mr. R. R. Gokhale, Secretary General, ICC.

The concluding Session was chaired by Mr. Rajendra Vaidya, Chief Executive - Manufacturing, BASF and Certificates were presented to the delegates by him. Mr. Vaidya also complemented ICC for this initiative and assured full support and cooperation of BASF in its future programmes.

Mr. R. R. Gokhale proposed a vote of thanks. He profusely thanked all staff members of BASF for the excellent arrangement and cooperation extended to this event. He said that this kind of cooperation and support will definitely encourage ICC to conduct more and more training programs in future in different locations.