Indian Bromine Platform


Bromine is an essential chemical that finds use in a wide variety of applications ranging from fire safety, mercury emission control, energy storage, rubber, water treatment, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. BSEF – The International Bromine Council, headquartered in Belgium, promotes the benefits of bromine and bromine-based technologies for society and economy as well as commissioning science on bromine and bromine-based solutions.

Indian Chemical Council (ICC), is dedicated to the growth and promotion of the Chemical Industry in India by supporting and promoting the industry through a variety of events, trainings, recognitions and policy advisory and other activities.

In order to foster the bromine ecosystem in India, an India Bromine Platform (IBP) was conceptualized.  The India Bromine Platform (IBP) was formed with bromine producers and suppliers as its members, with the Indian Chemical Council (ICC), India's leading chemical industry body,  playing the role of a catalyst and host (i.e. the IBP would be a sector group under ICC) to enhance collaboration of various stakeholders in this effort


Organization Name
BSEF - The International Bromine Council
Indian Chemical Council
Avalon Consulting
Agrocel Industries
Satyesh Brinechem
Solaris Chemtech
Tata Chemicals


  • Identify issues pertinent to the bromine industry and drive mutually beneficial initiatives relevant to India's bromine ecosystem
  • Seek to disseminate learnings and experience from other regions around the globe in order to drivebest practices in terms of bromine handling and use in India
  • Strive to enhance collaboration and knowledge among its members and other relevant stakeholders to support bromine-based technologies and their use in India


  • The India Bromine platform will focus on the following areas:
    • Bromine applications relevant to - Fire safety, Mercury emission control, Energy storage
    • Safe Bromine Handling, leveraging other initiatives in the Indian ecosystem like Responsible Care and Nicer Globe
  • The platform will work with government agencies, industry and academia to define regulations and standards related to Bromine and Bromine technologies based on sound science
  • The platform will drive efforts to enhance knowledge about bromine and bromine-based technologies among relevant stakeholders

Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities

Bromine Science and Environmental Forum (BSEF)

  • BSEF will share global best practices on areas relevant to the IBP's mission
  • BSEF will share its knowledge of relevant science, regulations and standards from across the globe
  • BSEF will support the communication needs of the platform

Indian Chemical Council (ICC)

  • As India's representative body for the chemicals industry in India, ICC provides the umbrella for housing the IBP
  • ICC will assist with organization of meetings of the IBP in conjunction with Avalon Consulting
  • ICC will support the liaison needs of the IBP with government and other relevant official stakeholders utilizing its brand and channels
  • ICC will provide IBP an ongoing snapshot of the landscape in India in terms of relevant regulatory developments
  • Share knowledge and best practices with IBP on ICC's initiatives like Responsible Care and Nicer Globe
  • Provide advice to the IBP on aspects of regulations and standards (as requested and aligned with IBP's goals)

Avalon Consulting

Avalon Consulting will represent ex officio BSEF in:

  • Assisting with organization of meetings of the IBP in conjunction with ICC
  • Supporting with development of programs and activities for the IBP
  • Sharing and disseminating communications collateral, regulatory updates and other relevant material to IBP members
  • Provide IBP an ongoing snapshot of the landscape as part of its work for BSEF in India:

    • Engaging with stakeholders
    • Taking part in conferences/events
    • Monitoring the media
    • Formulating action plans around key developments

Members Companies of the IBP

  • Member companies agree to work together as the IBP under the aegis of ICC with support from BSEF
  • Member companies will organize themselves as an effective working platform in order to drive the mission of the IBP
  • Members will share proposals for activities that can contribute to the IBP's mission
  • Members will leverage their resources, networks and channels to further the IBP's mission


2nd IBP Meeting (22-23 Oct)


3rd IBP Meeting (27-28 Feb)


4th IBP Meeting (November 2020)


BSEF – The International Bromine Council, has recently created a dedicated website and a comprehensive brochure on fire safety and flame retardants, bringing global knowledge and expertise in this important field. The IBP members intend to utilize these resources during their conversations with key stakeholders in India

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