Workshop on Role of Agrochemicals for Sustainable Agriculture
Posted On : 11th July 2018

India currently supports nearly 17.74% of the world population, with 2.4% land resources and 4% of water resources. It is also noted that about 15-25% potential crop production is lost due to insect pests, weeds and diseases. Further as per Economic Survey of India, although water is one of India's most scarce natural resources, India uses 2 to 4 times more water to produce a unit of major food crop than does China and Brazil.

Keeping pace with these growing numbers, as also imperatives of sustainability the country will not only have to raise its agricultural production but also the productivity to ensure food and nutrition security of the nation. It is also important that this happens in a most sustainable manner. It may also be noted that Agriculture holds prime importance in the socio-economic fabric of India, with nearly 58% of the rural households relying on it for livelihood. The same offers challenges as also opportunities to the Indian Agrochemical industry. This is the context of this program which will provide a comprehensive package of knowledge to farmers at the same time creating opportunities for the Agrochemicals industry.

Agrochemicals which include Crop Protection and Crop Enhancement Chemicals, Fertilizers as also Plasticulture(application of plastics to agriculture for activities such as micro/drip irrigation, play a very important role) for sustainable agriculture and enhanced yields.

The Indian Chemical Council (ICC), which is the premier Chemical industry body in the country since 1938. ICC jointly with various farmers associations (viz. Bhatiya Krishak Samaj, Borlaug Farmer Association for South Asia, Young Farmer Association, Vegetable Growers Associations, and All India Famers Association) as also various industry bodies is organizing the above Workshop.NCPAH of Ministry of Agriculture is also a Partner. This will focus on safe and judicious usage of agrochemicals which include Crop Protection/Crop Enhancement chemicals/ Fertilizers as also efficient usage of water in the best possible manner.

The aim of this workshop is to empower farmers with knowledge of latest and best in science on safe and judicious usage of various inputs for a sustainable agriculture. Various Crop protection and crop enhancement solutions, based on best global practices and the latest technologies available will be discussed during this conference. We will be preparing and bringing out a Knowledge Paper in local languages for the benefit of farmers.

We write to request you to bring this to the notice of those concerned in your organization so that they can block their diaries. It will be a useful program and we expect large participation from the industry as also the consumers of agro-chemicals viz: young and informed farmers. More details (Program, Venue, etc) will follow shortly.

For any details, please contact Mr Prabh Sharan Singh at / Mr Kunal Jain at / | 011-49147829, 23736689.

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