Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) Helpdesks managed by ICC
Posted On : 27th December 2018

INDIAN CHEMICAL COUNCIL (ICC), is dedicated to the growth and promotion of the Chemical Industry in India. It is theapex national body representing all branches of the Chemical Industry in India such as Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Plastics, Petrochemicals and Petroleum Refineries, Dyestuffs and Dye-intermediates, Fertilizers and Pesticides, Specialty Chemicals and Paints etc. We offer multifaceted chemical information for advantage to chemical industries. This information can best utilized for enhance production process, reduce downtime, improve product quality, sustainable growth, eliminate potential risks and improve safety index and environment.

Indian Chemical Council also supports for implementation of The Chemical National Authority Chemical Weapon Convention (NACWC), Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India, Weapons Convention Act, 2000. Indian Chemical Council operates "ICC-Helpdesks" as an interface between NACWC and Chemical industries/stakeholders for the purpose of Education and Outreach pertaining to information of CWC and to facilitate industries and traders to comply with the provisions of CWC Act-2000.

Indian Chemical Council provides support to chemical industries across India with its four Help-Desks i.e. Vadodara, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi. Following states are covered in jurisdiction of each "ICC Helpdesk"

S.No. Helpdesk(s) Jurisdiction Contact Person
1 VADODARA Gujarat and Union Territory- Silvassa MR. ANAND KANE
Mob: +91 9376980207
2 MUMBAI Maharashtra,  Goa,Rajasthan,  Madhya  Pradesh MR. SUNIL NENE
Tel: +91 22 41231118
Mob: +91 9920354651
3 HYDERABAD Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu & UT of Puducherry DR. R. NARAYANAN
Mob: +91 9788580405
4 DELHI Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir,West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, NE Region, Odisha and UT of Chandigarh. DR. RAKESH KUMAR
Mob: +91 9911136284

These "ICC Helpdesks" connect with the chemical industries in their respective region and create awareness about:

  • Role of National Authority Chemical Weapons Convention and Implementation of CWC;
  • Creating Awareness on the International Treaty on Chemical Weapon Convention;
  • Creating awareness about provisions and obligation of Chemical Weapons Convention Act 2000;
  • Awareness to Industries on no-compliance actions, penalties and further stringent measures under CWC ACT 2000;
  • Educating, enabling and supporting Industries on obligation of annual declarations and providing complete and accurate information in stipulated time  under the provisions of CWC Act 2000 especially e-filing and Digital Signature certificate (DSC);
  • Awareness about SCOMET regulations regarding export/import of listed  chemicals in DGFT notifications

ICC Helpdesks of Indian Chemical Council, periodically conducts following CWC Awareness Programme and guide industries to achieve errorless filing of annual declaration.  Through these programmes we also arrange interactive session with industry that have experienced CWC inspection from OPCW. Such interaction help participants to resolve their queries on CWC inspection readiness and other technical issues besides confidence building.

  • Annual Declarations on Anticipated Activities (ADAA)
  • Annual Declarations on Past Activities (ADPA)
  • Programme on CWC Awareness, Safety, internal security, sharing of experience of OPCW inspections, Education and Outreach on CWC to stakeholders

For more information on declarations to be submitted by chemical industry, e-filing of declarations, Chemical Weapon Convention, CWC Act 2000 please visit website of NACWC


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