Indian Chemical Industry - Technology Imperatives & Business Opportunities for Basic Chemicals.
Posted On : 21st April 2010

Call for Proposals for Commissioning a Specialized Study on Indian Chemical Industry - Technology Imperatives & Business Opportunities for Basic Chemicals


The Indian chemical industry, one of the oldest indigenous industries, has been contributing significantly to both industrial and economic growth of the country. There exists an ardent need for making the vibrant downstream industries capable of producing world-class end products through process intensification. This is aimed at establishing a strong presence of Indian chemical industry in the international arena. India also needs to be positioned as global R&D destination so as to attract quality human resources.

Considering the importance of the sector, TIFAC intends to commission a study jointly with Indian Chemical Council (ICC) on 'Indian Chemical Industry - Technology Imperatives & Business Opportunities' with emphasis onbasic chemicals. The study aims to capture the needs and aspirations of the Indian chemical industry by formulating a technology roadmap for the basic chemical sector.

Study Objectives & Deliverables

The study would address the technology gaps in Indian chemical industry to catch up with the global trends (USA, EU, Japan and China), identify economically attractive options for inducting cutting edge technologies, assess technology obsolescence, suggest environmentally benign routes and also understand the need for quality human resources etc.

The proposed study would deliver a report on assessment and evaluation of both short term & long term strategies for ensuring the growth dynamics & trajectory for the Indian Chemical Industry. The report would be published as a specialized TIFAC-ICC study. The outcome of the study and recommendations thereof would be useful to the industries, academia, national & private sector R&D labs, policy makers, investors and other stakeholders in formulating future actions for R&D investment and business opportunities in Indian chemical sector.

Term of Reference for the Proposed Study

The study would cover the following aspects:

  • Assessment & evaluation of status of Indian Chemical Industry for basic chemicals vis-vis existing & emerging technology trends on global scale

    a. Identification of the technology gaps with recommendations on how to catch up with the global benchmark by Indian chemical industry on basic chemicals
    b. Role of national labs & academia towards strengthening Indian chemical industry
    c. Opportunities for Indian chemical industry to make India a hub for basic chemicals for positioning on the global map and requirements thereof.
  • Process intensification for a paradigm shift in process & equipment design (e.g. micro-reactors, downsizing of reactors, pulse combination drying etc.) to bring significant benefits in terms of process & chain efficiency, capital & operating expenses
  • Promoting India as a global R&D destination in the basic chemical sector and the requirements thereof.
  • Assessment of the technology development & absorption capabilities by Indian SMEs in the basic chemical sector and recommendations thereof.
  • Identification of the obsolete / outdated / polluting technologies with reference to global practices towards development of environment friendly technologies.
  • Fostering new entrepreneurs and start-up ventures
  • Formulating a technology roadmap for India with short term & long term perspectives emphasizing the needs of industries as the driving force

Industry Segments to be Studied for Basic Chemicals

Alcohol based chemicals, inorganic chemicals, fertilizers and petrochemicals


The consulting agencies would collect and collate information & data from national & international published literature and patents search in basic chemical sector (with sample size of 60-70 small & medium & large manufacturing units). The study would also have a regional coverage of at least six states in India. Primary survey would be conducted with chemical industries, academia and R&D labs, domain experts etc. regarding information on the current status, policies and key drivers for the Indian chemical industry and their future directions. TIFAC and ICC would extend help to the consulting agencies in formulating the questionnaire for primary survey and in searching relevant national & international patents and in identification of experts for the opinion survey.

During the course of the study, brainstorming meets would be convened by ICC infour different regions of the country for interaction with domain experts, industries and other specialists to seek and capture further inputs /views for their incorporation in the final report.

The consultants would need to highlight their expertise in the sector while submitting the proposal. The draft report to be submitted to TIFAC within six months from the date of commissioning of the study and the same would be finalized within another two months.

TIFAC invites proposals from consulting agencies with relevant domain expertise to carry out the proposed study and prepare the report. Interested agencies may send their detailed technical & commercial offers separately in two sealed envelopes highlighting the objectives & deliverables, scope of the study, methodology, lapse time, activity wise time-schedule, names of investigators, background & experience, detailed item-wise cost & its break-up, terms of payment etc.

The two separately sealed envelopes with clear mention of 'technical offer' & 'commercial offer' on top of them must reach the following address latest by May 17 (Monday), 2010.

Ms. Sangeeta Baksi, Scientist 'D'
Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council
4th Floor, 'A' Wing
Vishwakarma Bhavan
Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg
New Delhi 110016

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